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You’ll have to be patient. This page is going to take some time to load. Stop whining. Art is worth the wait. This page is also my answer to all the uneducated left wing liberal fools who think I am racist because I oppose fascist socialist Barack Obama and his legislative Obama-nation.

FOR THE RECORD, WORLD: I grew up in mixed black white neighborhoods; I graduated from a high school which was 70% black – no problem. I graduated from a college that was 60% black – no problem.  My issue is not with Obama’s mixed race, it is with his fascist legislation and globalist socialist laws and intentions.

I know more about the roots of American music than every effete liberal snob I know. Were it not for the gifted American black artist there would be no: rock and roll, no gospel,. no blues, no jazz, no hip hop no soul, no R&B, no rap. Gosh! That pretty much sums of American music doesn’t it?

And oh yeah:  Ray Charles could out sing every other country music star in Nashville. He defied his record company, formed his own label,  and when he “went country” he knocked every hit single right out of the park.

“I pity the fool” who think that because some, like me, who oppose Obama socialism are racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who make such accusations are uneducated uncouth hicks who are blinded by Obamaganda. They have not taken the time to have intelligent conversations with conservatives, especially educated conservatives who are NOT handicapped by boxed in religious fundamentalism. All religious fundamentalism is a sign of lack of a balanced education and broad cultural exposure, whether it is Islamic, Christian, Mormon, Catholic, Southern Baptist, et al.

Left wing Liberals:  Sit down, shut up and take a lesson in the good roots of all significant American music, because almost all of it all came right out of the gifted American black community. In fact, the Beatles and Rolling Stones borrowed so heavily from Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and other early black rock and roll pioneers that there would have no “British Invasion” in the 1960s at all, were it not for the early black music pioneers in America who blazed new music genres and preceded them.

Rock and roll historians also know there would have been no Elvis Presley either, without the black community’s brave transition in bringing the gospel beats of their depression era church services into the early 1950s rockabilly and the classic “12 bar rifts” of the 1940s era delta blues.

Most of the young liberals who elected Barack Obama have not even lived long enough to know who most of these artists in these videos are. Get a clue. – Chase Hunter

I dedicate this page to American rock legend and folk music minstrel Steve Forbert.

If you loved this, here is page two.


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