Gaga’s “Telephone”: Should We Be Over the Moon or Over the Toilet? Majority Polled Said: “A Waste of 9 Minutes”

Gaga performing "Paparazzi" on the F...
Lady Gaga in a “normal” moment

3.14.2010 By CK Hunter

[ See The Huff Post Video Review & Poll here.]

Lady Gaga Finally Crosses the Last Boundary Between Art, Narcissistic Personal Exhibitionism, and Fundamental Good Taste As A Music & Visual Artist

RE: Telephone: I watched it. I really didn’t enjoy it.

I actually clicked it off after the cafe mass murder aka group poisoning party, and went on with my day. So I don’t know how it ended and don’t really care.

I don’t think mock art video about poisoning a cafe full of people is remotely cute, chiche’, vogue, ‘fascinating’ or even mildly entertaining.

There are too many vulnerable boy and girl tweens in America who love and follow Gaga, who will just run right downstairs after watching this video, and try to act this stuff out their moms because they got grounded. Or whomever.

Then people wonder why their kids are acting like serial killers by the age of 11, 12, 13. Well why not? They have watched music videos like this one for 8 or 9 years as kids, and they literally can’t tell the difference anymore between good and evil. It’s all mixed up in their heads, just like this video, just like Gaga. Do visual artists like Gaga EVEN REALIZE that there are 20 or 30 million children in America, who watch music videos? Duh. WTF.

There is a line.

Not sure how one defines that “line” in society – but there is a place, a psychological and visual “zone of demarcation”,  where fascinating surreal themed visual art and muscial entertainment fades into explicit images of glorifying death, morbidity, horror, and crosses over from being entertaining into the realm of appalling. The disturbing visual imagery that gets blasted into your face watching this video is just not needed in the world. We see enough of that kind of imagery in real life everyday.

I found myself thinking that while watching the video…”Does the world really need this kind of imagery? Is this contributing anything truly GOOD to the world?” I decided:  Not. She goes. Good bye to Gaga, on this blog and my others.

I had earlier been just a teeny bit fascinated with Gaga artistically. Now I’m just routinely appalled by her, again and again. Maybe it’s just me, [and frankly, I don’t care if it IS just me], but incorporating mass murder into one’s “music “video art piece” really doesn’t interest me.

I am still on a visual quest, still looking for those other rare and precious artists who are actually CREATING BEAUTY AND UPLIFTING THE HUMAN SPIRIT. Gaga is not one of them. Most definitely not. In fact, there is something more than a little bit psychotic abut the art she creates, and psychotic is NOT sexy. Not to me anyway.

Her artisitc personal exhibitionism has finally passed over from “desperate to be seen and famous” into just “desperately sickening and utterly disgusting’.

Bye,  Gaga.

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  3. northman

    I hate Gaga, she isn’t harmless in any way. In resent video, alejandro, she turns into luciferian priestess.. rejecting God and turning into satan.. how f*cken cute

    • CK Hunter

      I’m not wild about her either. I have studied some of her videos and I actually find them quite disturbing. Keep in mind I am also an artist and musician, and I have pretty sophisticated musical tastes. I don’t know exactly what it is about Gaga, but to me, it feels a little bit demonic. I do know from a recent biographical sketch on her in a pop culture mag that she invented the “gaga” character while on an extended cocaine binge that she indulged in for weeks. My theory is that something else crawled on board with her during that time when her soul was under the influence. There is a “before” and “after” period with Gaga when she went from being a lovely woman and very normal looking, normal dressing gifted college student who excelled in music … to the apparition of hell and chaos that she has become since. There is often an element of genuine psychosis in her public appearances and costumes which bugs me. I think she needs psychaitric help, but real psychosis is apparently very marketable in America, and very lucrative as well. Alice Cooper did all this 40 years ago and he retired a multimuillionaire for it.

      “For what does it profit a woman if she gains the whole world and loses her soul?”

      You know?


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