10.9 Trillion Dollars in Circulation in US Money Supply. Federal Debt = 23.5 Trillion: Does This Add Up?

Where is Ross Perot when you need him?

There is only 10.9 trillion dollars total  in circulation in the entire money supply of the United States of America.

If  Obamacare is passed, the national debt will soar to 23.5 trillion dollars. It took the first 154 years of the existence of America as a nation to spend that same amount.

Barack Obama has spent more money in 2 years than has been spent in the last 154 years.

Barack Obama has never owned, run or operated a business one single day in his entire life.

We have never had a more clueless spendthrift as a commander in Chief.

Obamacare legislation has a hidden clause written into it mandating a “national healthcare identification number”  for every American. This is the last nail they want to drive into your coffin which will lead to mandatory human RFID chipping. RFID chips cause cancer, tumors, boils and they can be lost in the body and never retrieved. They are death chips. RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

If Barack Obama is not stopped, he will destroy what is left of this nation.

Impeach Barack Obama, while we still can. This is what we must do to save this country.

Share this with everyone you know. Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. Speak out. We have little time left.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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  4. Steve-o

    Perhaps Obama will accomplish his will in destroying America as we know it, before he leaves office in 2012, The fact remains that socialism is the red beast that will give way to the Antichrist one day. In order to have a new world government one must first destroy the older one in every area. And Acts 2:38 (along with a an abomination that causes a desolation a.k.a. set up of a false god in the last and final Jewish temple) must be preached to all nations by a Jewish remanent before the end will come. Watch for a Iranian/Russia adventure against Israel/USA interests that leads to a major war.

    • nes

      what bullshit the federal reserve is what is killing america they print money and charge the government interest on it so tax payers dollars are going to the federal reserve in interest payments on money they created from thin air both JFK and Lincoln circumvented the federal reserve by printing USA dollars which did not leave the taxpayer with an interest bill but we all know what the banksters did to these 2 fine gentlemen for stepping on the toes of the federal reserve banking cartel

      • greenleaj

        Where did you read that they are charging the government interest?? i mean real interest.

      • CK Hunter

        You obviously do not know how the federal debt works. Our government pays interest on the debt, just like any other borrower. Go and Google “daily interest paid oin the federal debt” – then follow the links. Your jaw will be dropped. You need to learn about what is actually happening to this country. It will affect you.


  5. Actually Intelligent

    There are ~56 trillion USD in the M2 set combined with everything else. M2 is all of the money loaned to banks in the form of deposits (which is why you get an interest rate, and also why they can invest it in any way they see fit) plus all of the money in money market accounts. Everything else is M3 money, that the Fed has given up counting.

    Not ~10.9 trillion

    Furthermore, i realize this was published on 3/7/2010, however the Federal budget for 2012 is ~3.728 trillion (including Obamacare) not ~23.5.

    Making the total federal deficit ~16.654 trillion.


    Bush’s era resulted in a ~4.6717 trillion add to the deficit, (nearly double what it was before his 8yr rein) most of which was caused by tax cuts for those who make over 200K cause they need more money. The CEO making 200 million a year sure needs to keep all that money. (The corporation he works for creates jobs. Imagine the pay increase the lower level employees could have if the CEO wasn’t paid so much. And those employees will spend it, not put into trusts to where no one can get to it. Cut the CEO’s pay to 15 million? Fair?)


    Lets stop deficit spending (pull out of Iraq, after all military spending is the largest expenditure in the federal budget).

    Please do research before you post. If you don’t, you like an ignoramus. A video on youtube is not reliable research.

    • CK Hunter

      I am sticking to my own figures and I am not an ignoramus. Adding up the black ops which have not been included in this number the deficit shoots to a number that’s over 40 trillion. You can comment on blog posts without name calling if you are as intelligent as you claim to be.

      Have a nice day.


      • greenleaj

        I don’t know how much defense budgeting you’ve done. . . but “black ops” are in the defense budget. . . . they’re just not labeled black ops on any pie charts.

      • CK Hunter

        You are wrong. “Black Ops” are secret projects hidden in the defense budget that the general public never knows about. Area 51, Dulce, Iron Mountain, certain projects at Los Alamos. Black Ops are named as such because they are invisible expenditures, answerable to none. Even Congress does n ot know what gets spent on what under black ops.


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