Greg McCoach: “2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year for Silver Prices”

2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year for Silver Prices:” – Greg McCoach

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Bob Chapman has predicted silver could run up as high as $100 per ounce in 2010? In L.A. people are now paying for groceries in silver bullion. Did you know?

[ Click the coin above to make your first silver investment. Don’t wait. Start amassing your  silver bullion as an inflation hedge NOW. Protect your hard earned dollars while you can. ]

I don’t know about you, but I am LISTENING, and I am buying silver bullion on every price dip. Sometimes I choose straight bullion coins, sometimes I buy coins like the one above. I love the way they feel in my hands, silly, but they feel “more solid” than currency, and practically speaking, they ARE more financially solid than dollar currency. I hope younger people are paying attention to what’s happening. The smart web savvy digerati stands to make a small fortune if they begin buying small cap mining stocks NOW. Heads up techno-cats, learn to trade stocks!

See for more news of gold and silver, plus dozens of hot stock picks for silver and gold investors. Gifted clairvoyant uses her special ability to select small cap mining stocks that often jump up to 50% in one day. You MUST read this blog if you are an investor seeking solid profits in 2010. Learn to invest in affordable rising gold, silver, & mining stocks: Read

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