Child Allowed to Direct Air Traffic at JFK – Video Will Leave You in Disbelief


FAA Suspends Pair After Boy Directs Air Traffic at JFK

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  1. john454

    Why the big deal??

    President Regan thought ANYONE could do the job, that’s why he FIRED all the air-traffic controllers, and brought new people in.

    I suppose its so easy even a caveman could do it!

    • Day

      Surely you are not that dumb. But maybe you are. At this point I should not be surprized at the utterly stupid remarks people make on blog posts. Letting a kid direct air traffic put peoples’ lives at stake. Why should I need to explain this to you? I presume you would not mind if a kid were allowed to sit in daddy’s lap in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and eat a cookie, taking the controls and “pretend flying” in his dad’s lap. That would be what would come next without a public outcry. Why? Because people have lost all semblence of rational adult thinking and fundamental common sense. Just one more indicator of the bizarre times we live in.


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