Tea Party Activists Are Changing the Landscape of American Politics & It’s High Time

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2.19.10 By Chase Hunter

America is “Silent No More” in 2010

Last spring and summer I chronicled the rise of the American Tea Party Movement on this blog when it was brand new, and wrote extensively about the “pro-Obama” liberal mainstream media’s desperate efforts to frame authentic middle American outrage as “domestic terrorism,” “fringe lunacy”, or “contrived astroturf gatherings sponsored in secret by some radical arm of the GOP”.

The blatant lies that came out of the mainstream media flew so fast and furious at once point in 2009 that I was practically camped out at my laptop day and night, offsetting each new lie with a truthful counter-post. Tens of thousands of other furious American patriot bloggers were doing the same thing. Our voice matters, and one year later the whole world knows that when you finally infuriate the sleeping giant of the American “silent majority” suddenly they will be silent no more.

This is what it took in the American blogosphere to counter-balance an extreme left wing American corporate owned media monopoly that now rivals the White House for raw political power and persuasive ability as it’s messages pour out in a nonstop firehose of biased left wing pro-Obama support.

Rupert Murdock’s Fox News quickly surveyed this new political territory and decided their best bet was to pretend to be a part of the genuine American outrage. Suddenly, quite overnight, they began trotting out Glenn Beck to opine and whine loudly before the American people his own pre-calculated “outrage”. It was all as contrived and calculated for effect as any Hollywood movie script I have ever seen drafted.

All American patriots and NWO truth researchers know that the entire media conglomerate in America is owned by less than a dozen corporations who are all part of the secret illuminati globalist club, and Fox News is no exception. Their goal was to suddenly try to “own” the American outrage that inspired the Tea Party movement.

The GOP has been scrambling for over a year now to align itself with the emerging constitutional and philosophical purity of the American Tea Party movement, which remains “leaderless” and intentionally so. I resent these GOP manuevers deeply and so do thousands of other American patriots who support the Tea Party Movement. The operative phrase here is “co-opting”. The GOP is now quite desperate to co-opt and try to “own” the American Tea Party Movement, and I actually think the Tea Party Movement will ultimately outmaneuver the GOP in this regard and slip through their fingers.

After all, the GOP had their day for eight long miserable years, while we threw away billions on two wars in the mideast, neither of which I believe to be ultimately winnable, and both of which have now brought the nation to the brink of financial ruin. You simply cannot “enforce American-style democracy” overseas in a few years on primitive backward, medieval islamic tribal cultures when the irony stares us squarely in the face that we have no real actual democracy here in the USA. We have a media controlled “pretend-democracy” where the most hundreds of millions spent will get you into the White House, as long as the USA media is behind you, pumping out the mesage all the way there. That’s what happened in 2008.

Radical Islam’s fantasy of a world Islamic state will never take place. What will take place if the escalation toward more war  does not stop NOW is an incineration of their people on a scale similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if they persist in waging war with the west, upping the antey every few months. Every American knows this.

Those two equations of “bring democracy to the mideast” butto  secretly squelch it in the USA do not add up. Washington D.C.’s new national security laws written under the Patriot Act during the GOP’s reign have made innocent Americans lives more open to tacit clandestine scrutiny than ever, Bin Laden still runs free nine years after 9-11, and we all know that 9-11 wreaks of being a FED and military run international “PSY-OP” and false flag event designed to enrage innocent Americans enough to give consent to wage war in the mideast for political dominance and the oil reserves. The eight year reign of King George W. was marked repeatedly by such fascist manuevers and wickedness in high places, as is the present Obama regime.Both the DNC and the GOP are corrupt with UN globalist illuminati insiders to the very root of both political parties. The myth of a free and independent American two party political system is a total sham, a complete and total lie, and it needs to be intelligently dismantled from within and re-structured to being representing the American people’s interests, while keeping America safe from harm.

We now have many wolves circling our wounded nation and I am not unaware of it.

The culture of Islam going back some 700-1000  years needs to work out it’s own destiny from within, wisely realizing that there is no contest between their existing weaponry and ours. The United Nations has employed America’s military might as their global police force for nearly as many years as they have existed. What Americans worry about the most is our own US military turning on it’s own citizens under UN mandated martial law. Increasingly our US soldiers are being asked to swear oaths of alligiance to the United Nations above and beyond their oath to the American soverign nation.

The American Tea Party Movement may be the last great hope for an America free of martial law enforced globalism, within a super-secular borderless “CanMexi-merica North American Union”, operating under UN authority. The stakes are incredibly high here, and this is no time for the Tea Party to consider making any “backroom political deals” with a UN & Bilderberg corrupted GOP or DNC under any circumstances.

My message to the American Tea Party is to stand aside from these corrupt UN backed D.C. “power players” and remain representative of the will and wishes of the American people. That’s the only hope for the survival and growth of the American Tea Party movement.

Copyright Chase K. Hunter 2010-3010, All Rights Reserved. Re-posts are permitted leaving authorship, content and links intact with an essay linkback to this blog.


Tea party’ activists change dynamic at CPAC

Republicans pressed to earn loyalty of conservative group

By Stephen Dinan and Ralph Z. Hallow

Amid a euphoria unimaginable just a year ago, activists Thursday at the largest conservative gathering in the country plotted how to ride the “tea party” wave to sweeping Republican victories in this year’s elections – and to force the GOP to govern as conservatives after the vote.

But on the opening day of the biggest-ever Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the tenuous relationship among conservatives, tea party activists and the Republican Party establishment was also repeatedly on display. Tea party backers vowed not to be taken for granted and insisted that Republicans prove they have learned the lessons of their past support for big government.

“Let’s not leave them to their own devices,” said Dick Armey, former House majority leader and now chairman of FreedomWorks, a prime mover of the tea party phenomenon. Republicans “must come to us and show us they’re worthy of our loyalty. We don’t owe them.”

Added John O’Hara, who helped organize some of the earliest tea party gatherings, “Let’s not let a good counterrevolution go to waste.”

Photo Gallery

CPAC day two

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Feb. 19, 2010.

New Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida and former Vice President Dick Cheney provided the star power on CPAC’s first day, while House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio begged attendees for help, promising to reject the old ways of both parties and usher in a new era of transparency in government.

A year ago, CPAC convened as Democrats, under a newly elected President Obama, were using their massive congressional majorities to pass the stimulus bill and lay the groundwork for far-reaching health care and climate change legislation.

But Mr. Obama’s legislative agenda stalled and Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey governorships, as well as Mr. Brown’s victory in Massachusetts last month, have left conservatives optimistic of winning back the upper hand.

A key difference at this year’s CPAC is the emergence of the tea party movement, which is barely a year old. The famous on-air tirade by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange about the need for an anti-government “Chicago tea party” was broadcast exactly one year ago Friday.

At one point in Thursday’s program, a speaker asked for a show of hands of who had been involved in a tea party event. At least 15 percent of those in the ballroom raised their hands.

For the newly energized tea party activists, accountability is the key, Mr. O’Hara said in an interview. He said that electing people is the first step, but holding elected officials accountable is just as important.

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  2. James

    The Tea partiers need to understand what we are facing. The name of the game is ”corporate domination”,ie, globalism ,also known as corporate facism,or just plain facism.The left has been oppossed to the globalists since even before most conservitives even heard of or knew what that term refered to.The problem with the right leaning conservitive movement is that they favor, support and endorse the very polocies which the globalists support ,with few meaningfull excetions. Unregulated capitalism has led to the centralization of wealth,thus political power into the hands of a small minority of corporate elites who are now forging a global government modeled after the power structure of the corporation which as you know is anything but democratic.Conservitives,while well meaning,have for to long played into the hands of the corporate elites who view the entire earth as their own private domain,to be ruled for their private benifit.The left,while often guilty of henious breeches of human rights,in an attempt to wrestle power from economic and political elitests, have in fact been opposed to the privitisation of political power on both the national and international level.The right ,meanwhile,continues to support and condone the centralization of wealth and power into the hands of those who view humanity as a means to an end,that end being the domination of the earth not by public power but by private corporate elites.

    • Day

      I agree with alot of what you are saying – please read my new post on the front page at htp://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com where I pretty much say the same thing.


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