MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relations With Hollywood, & the Darkening of TV

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02.12.2010 By Chase Hunter

Veteran new world order researchers in the truth movement know that Hollywood’s glamor only thinly disguises it’s increasingly overt ties with many satanic and occult illuminati old guard organizations, including the Pentagon, NSA and the CIA.

In fact, the entire hidden purpose of Hollywood is to tacitly introduce ever increasingly reptilian and satanic ideas, songs, visuals, images, concepts, movies and themes  into the minds of every day Americans, their children and people around the world. Jordan Maxwell discusses the illuminati roots of Hollywood at some length in his recent interview with Project Camelot.

Few who have been observing the “darkening of Hollywood” over the past 40 years would argue this fact, but in case there are those who still think that wholesome American entertainment is what REALLY comes out of Hollywood and the American mass media production machine, I present the following videos in this post. I am also including a brief introduction to the media research being done on this subject by Christie J. at Truth Brigade Radio.

WARNING: The imagery in some of these example videos is disturbing. Even though humor is being used as a ploy to “entertain,” the indoctrinating message beneath the humor is what I want readers to consider.

I worked in the advertising business in many capacities for nearly 30 years. I can guarantee you that nothing, absolutely, nothing in an advertisement is left to careless casual happenstance. Whether humor will be used, what kind of humor, the actors, the set, the costumes, what kind of music, imagery…. every detail is exhaustively researched, discussed, analyzed, re-analyzed, and pre-calculated for the optimum effect. Along those lines, I want you to examine the “alien reptilian theme” which has emerged as the new vogue of the trendiest ads in the past several years.

Why do you suppose this is taking place? What do think someone is trying to tell you here? There are just too many of the alien themed ads, for example, for this to be a mere fad or a “pop trend”. This trend is the precursor to something. That something has been referred to in the media as “Full Disclosure.”

The effect on the average TV viewer is subtle but permanent over time. The viewer is being asked to accept as “normal” many things which are abjectly abnormal.  If you do not have a strong spiritual sense of your own personal power, soul sovereignty, and good clear lucid reasoning powers,  then an understanding of how imagery speaks directly to the subconscious mind will evade you, it might be easy to miss the over-riding message being broadcast. Those who are habitually addicted to TV, those with weaker non-discriminating minds, the persons among us who are not as astute about these matters, are the most vulnerable, the “dumbed down” TV viewers. They will mostly fail to discern the hidden messages which are being hammered into them using repetitive “subconscious mind programming.”

In essence, that is what 21st century television really has become, for the most part:  calculated, Orwellian, repetitive, habit forming, aggressive repeated displays of loud indoctrinating globalist propaganda disguised as innocent mindless entertainment. Trust me: there is NOTHING mindless about how the illuminati are mis-using this global education medium to train the human population to do exactly what they want you to do.

After you view the collected videos, you might ask yourself:  “My God. How did it get this bad?” I volunteer several reasons:

1) Lack of any public outcry. The process of “insidious gradualism” has been used here, that very same process by which mountains of illegal, non-constitutional legislation has been slipped onto the books of the USA in the past 40 years, while Americans sat and did nothing and watched TV. This is the very same tactic that has been used to gradually “up the ante” for families and TV viewers as to what is considered offensive, funny, politically correct, satirical,benign, or just merely reflective of that ambiguous term which we all toss around:pop culture.”

2) Literal emotional and psychological “addiction” to the TV medium – I know dozens and dozens and dozens of people, whose socializing consists entirely of sharing with each other what they have been watching on TV for the past few evenings. This is the most horrifying social and psychological phenomenon I have witnessed in American society. We now have a third, and fourth generation (a generation counting as 25 years) TV viewers who cannot get through a week without watching “their favorite show.” I was addicted to TV for most of my adult life until a series of spiritual awakenings occurred over time. Those awakenings – which I have likened to progressive initiations in deepening spiritual consciousness, started when I was just a teenager. Yet I continued watching TV and it was part of my everyday life until the early 2000s, when I first noticed the media “sales pitches” for human RFID chipping had begun.

At that moment it was as if a veil had been peeled off my eyes, and suddenly – just suddenly – in one moment – I saw it all.  I saw how TV was being used by a sinister force to “normalize” very deeply evil and diabolical ideas, and to “sell” and “promote” those ideas to the human population.

3) DENIAL: An utter refusal to accept and face the horrible facts as to what has occurred – During my awakening I saw how the most trusted TV anchors and celebrities were used in this same way – to “sell” these horrendous satanic ideas to an unsuspecting, stressed and over-worked American citizenry, who, for the most part, were too busy coping with the Iraq war, 9-11, the various twists and turns of the economy, and dealing with their “out of control” kids, to even consider how they could now wage war on the latest rash of disgusting, assaulting TV propaganda.

In fact, keeping the American population so stressed and exhausted over one issue and the next has been a part of the whole insanely subtle and pervasive scheme. Honestly: when one’s eyes are opened, really spiritually opened, to the whole milieu – it is staggering what has been done here, over time, very subtly and gradually, to an otherwise intelligent American public.

How Far Will they Go? Where Will It All End?

When the illuminati finally cross the final threshold into “all out depravity”, and begin broadcasting snuff films on live pay-per-view TV, will there be a public outcry? Or will Americans by that time be so sedated and stupefied by what they are seeing on TV – free of charge – that’s being broadcast as “entertainment” that they just accept the most diabolical and heinous of evils as just another “TV show”?


“Subconscious mind programming” is AN ESTABLISHED  CIA, NSA and illuminati occult tactic which is being used by advertising agencies affiliated with illuminati corporations worldwide on millions of innocent unsuspecting people as they watch movies, follow celebrities, and sit addicted to their favorite TV “programs.” These elaborate productions are named “TV programs” for a reason. You’re being programmed to accept ideas, images, and activities that are not of God when you watch some of this stuff.

Obviously not everything on TV or in films is satanic, BUT… increasingly, the kind of imagery and messages coming out of TV and Hollywood is disturbing enough that I do not watch it, and have not for years now.

I will very selectively choose videos to rent or programs which  I will select from the web to watch instead, as I can do this without being hammered with occult advertising, dark subject matter, and offensive content.

I had to think long and hard before I posted some of these videos. If you get uncomfortable while you watch these, turn off the video and leave this page.

I want people to BE AWARE of what kind of aggressive mental suggestions that are being put forth in these videos. This stuff IS NOT innocent entertainment, and if your kids are watching things like this, then you should get a clue as to why they are increasingly impossible to discipline. The satanic mis-use of the American media and Hollywood film industry by illuminati owned multi-national corporations has reached crisis levels. The only thing now that Americans can do is instigate a mass boycott of these advertised products, services, movies,  music, video games and tv programs.

They can’t alter your soul and darken your consciousness if you are not watching the TV or movie screen. It’s just that simple. Refuse to consume this filth. Find other more uplifting and soul nourishing media to view, otherwise we can only speculate as to how bad it will eventually become.

Chase Hunter

Video #1:  illuminati Based Sony Ericsson advertises the Antichrist Idea:

Video #2: McDonald’s Using Overt Illuminati Imagery in TV Ad for Happy Meals

Video #3:  HULU: An Evil Plot to Destroy the World: Enjoy.

Video #4: Katie [demon incarnate] Couric “Sells” Human RFID Microchipping to the World on Live TV

Video #5: Selling the Orwellian New World Order in Great Britain

Video #6: Illuminati Advertisement for World War III Disguised as a “Book Ad”

Illuminati Themed TV Ads & Videos Page 2

======= About Truth Brigade Radio =========

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The Clue with Brighton, Crystal Jaguar, and ChristieTonight’s topic: MK Ultra and the Music IndustryTo listen: on channel 2810 PM ESTBackground info: resident, researcher, specialized in corporate research, tracked mergers, maintained client data. Basically my job was to extract data and spy on businesses that corporations paid to have spied on and reported back to the corporation who hired me.  I was incredibly efficient.   The accounts that arose my suspicions were Oracle, Acxiom, Enernoc and others.  In my opinion, Enernoc and Acxiom are dangerous.  Notice the way they spell their company name, NOC is in caps, backward is CON.  This is accurate.  Acxiom has a cross in their logo. Viacom is equally dangerous – the larger publishing companies are as well.  I remember making note of these oddities in 2005 before I knew any of this.  Corporations have been tightening their hold with mergers, acquisitions, closings, bankrupcies. (purchasing liquidated assets for pennies on dollar).I began to notice patterns of peculiar corporate behavior and having information regarding some clients were blocked from analyst access, information I considered important at least morally.The more notable the client, the more suspicious behavior.  During my time at the compan I worked for, I came across the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and my life began to fall apart.  The more I learned, the more my life went to shit.  I began to come across more and more upsetting information, but back into the game I went.Gradually I was led back into the researching of occult matters after I began to notice the children weren’t outside playing, instead they were being medicated,  they were dressing in next to nothing, and the boys were becoming more violent and detached.  I started looking for patterns in their clothing, music, latest trends and items but had nothing to go on, just patterns.  I came across some info on symbology and was gradually led to project Monarch/Skull and Bones and Cathy O’briens book.The influence was obvious, coming from the television shows, but which ones, why, where, who and how?  Being in business intelligence taught me to dig and keep digging until you get the result, good bad or ugly.

My life became more peculiar as I started having spiritual experiences. Two categorized near death experiences with no trauma induced.  One during meditation, one while asleep.

My fascination with the abilities of the human being let me to the understanding of project monarch and MK ultra tactics for various reasons.  The symbology, families, behaviors (cutting, fainting from exhaustion, rehab, CORPORATE AFFILIATIONS) and previous researchers before me.  Without them, there would certainly be no Esoteric Kitten for sure.  The reports of mental illness within the celebrity community is astounding and as I began to look closer, the control began to emerge.  Consistent with previous researchers, interviews, authors, whistleblower material, presentations etc.

Britney Spears is one that I am currently concerned about.  for various reasons that I will get into when we speak.

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