Hello, Beyonce? WTF Is A “Freemason Edit” of Your Music Videos?

Beyonce - Concert in Barcelona in 2007
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By Chase Hunter

My own writing and research is coming back to haunt me.

Just a day or so ago, I wrote a piece titled:

“MK Ultr’s [Not So Secret] Relations with Hollywood”

So today I am just surfing Youtube for fun music, and I find this Beyonce video, and look how it is tagged. Is this creepy, or what? So Now I am looking for more music videos that are overtly tagged “freemason” – forget subliminals. These people are now deep into the territory of “overts”.


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    • CK Hunter

      That’s the question I am asking. I want to know why the video is named “freemason edit”. I have been researching illuminati imagery in pop culture, and it’s getting worse. For example … and I have not figured this one out yet, there is something about black cats and black panthers that pertains to illuminati rituals and symbolism, not sure what it yet. It’s NOT the trick or treat black cat thing a la halloween – it’s something else entirely. I’m still looking into it.

      Hey … glad you stopped by.


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