Page 3: MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relationship With Hollywood & The Darkening of Everyday TV

Video #14: The Humanization of Robots, The De-Humanization of People, By Nivea

Video #15:  The Illuminati Tell the Viewer What They Have in Mind After the Global Recession – This video is an overt indoctrination tool being used to prepare the masses for one world government over-control.

Video #16: Normalizing & Glorifying ChemTrails – You have to see this to believe it. I find no humor whatsoever in advertising the beauty or make believe normalcy of Chemtrails full of toxic poison and sedatives being blasted into the atmosphere over humanity.

Video #17:  “People are mindless Zombies who eat trash. Feed them Doritos.”

Video #18:  The Illuminati Suggest Bestiality to ChildrenRated Adults only, starring a child. This TV spot will infuriate your soul.

Video #19:  The overt sexualization of children – keep in mind…. this is a candy bar advertisement! You won’t believe your eyes.

Video #20:  Sexualization of Young Children Too Soon by their own parents. I peronally do not think that a four year old boy should know what the word “fucking” means. This one bothered me greatly.

Page 4: Illuminati Adverts – MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relationship With Hollywood & The Darkening of Everyday TV

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