Page 2: MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relationship With Hollywood & The Darkening of Everyday TV

Video #7:  Illuminati Nike TV AD Reveals NFL Star Athlete is A Reptilian

Video #8:  The Message here is: “Love & Worship the Beast”

Videos #9, 10:  Normalizing the Monsters: These are what I call”Indoctrinational” TV Spots That Are Being Used to Acclimatize the Public to the Appearance of Grey Aliens, and Reptilians as Overlords. These TV spots pertain to imminent FULL DISCLOSURE.

Video #11: Draco Alien Eats A Man Who Was Kicking the Tires of A New Car. These types of ads are disguising fear and terror with dark humor.

Video #12: No More “Subliminals” – Now They Are Called “Overts”

Video #13: Another Reptilian Themed “Hulu” TV Spot Mocks TV Addicted Humanity

Illuminati “indoctrination” & “propaganda” TV ads, page 3

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