Hell on Parade: L.A. Tours of Gangland Offered – For God’s Sake, Why?

The author below is right – you just can’t make this stuff up. I almost hope the tour bus gets accosted and sprayed with graffiti, just for their sheer stupidity.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. – Chase

Gang Wonderland–“The Unhappiest Place on Earth!”

A Los Angeles tour company is offering a “LA Gang Tour.” You just can’t make this stuff up. Can you imagine the tour guide telling about the gang lifestyle? It might go like this. “And here we have the drama and tragedy of South Central, vividly brought to you by LA Gang Tours–notice this historic intersection, Florence and Normandy, site of the famous Reginald Denny incident, where the White truck driver was beaten to an inch of his life.” “Over there, notice the same spot where Rodney King was beaten by White, racist Simi Valley cops–evoking the 1991 riots.”……..

by Rabbi Nachum Shifren


The Inconvenience of Truth
It’s funny, but in America it is always the “right” that is accused of censorship. Whenever implications of burning books or attempts at squelching free speech are made, it is always the “conservatives” that get the blame. I don’t know where that ruse got started but it is time we pinned that tail on the right donkey. The left are the most intolerant, mean-spirited, unfair vermin that one could ever associate with. Their whole philosophy is based on lies, and the perpetuation of those lies, no matter what the evidence……..
by Coach Dave Daubenmire


Unimpressed by Obama’s State of the Union Address
Was there any group not insulted and scolded by Obama at his State of the Union speech? He tore into the Supreme court, shredding their controversial and recent ruling allowing corporations to advertise up through an election. Obama went off saying this would lead to international controls and purchases of elections, which simply wasn’t true as was reflected in Judge Alito’s negative shaking of his head. On the record though, it was a dumb decision by the Supreme court……
by Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D



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