Secret Construction of Underground Tunnels, Cities By World Elites: Video Proof

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They are getting ready for the return of Planet X aka Nibiru in secret all around the world. Who? Governments, that’s who. Better begin discreetly scoping out some locations, wilderness caves are best. Stop fighting and arguing over minutia and get busy. Form a small group of 12-20 people, learn to keep your mouth shut, and start getting ready. Here is a clue:

The obese will not survive this. You have to be in good physical shape.

You cannot survive rains of meteors and asteroids, and 300-400 mph surface winds above ground – most every surface structure will be ground to dust in miliseconds. Then there is the huge fast moving debris field from the coastal flooding. This is a wake up call.

From the grapevine: RE the last video above…….

The first base is the Tejon RCS Facility owned by Northrop Grumman. 34 54’58.78″ N 118 30’20.73″ W

The second base is the Gray Butte RCS Facility owned by McDonnell Douglas. 34 33’21.72″ N 117 38’27.61″ W

The third base, which is confused for being Area 51, because of the underground installation, is Helendale Avionics Facility, owned by Lockheed Martin. 34 48’53.58″ N 117 15’24.53″ W

The fourth base, which is the strangest one is known as the Anthill. It looks like a Sumerian Zigurat. The base is connected to the hill. The road leading to the Anthill is called Mars Blvd, which is an appropiate name. There’s other interesting places, such as a large building above the Anthill, but there wasn’t enough time to show all these places. The roads leading off of Mars Blvd to the Anthill and other places such as the large building above the Anthill are called Edwards Airforce Station. The Anthill as well as the other bases shown in this video, are all in close proximity to each other, which suggests they may be connected to each other. Edwards Airforce Base is in the middle of the bases shown in this video. 34 51’47.23″ N 117 36’33.77″ W

The footage was filmed from an airplane by Gary Schultz. The audio is from an interview between Gary Schultz and Norio Hayakawa.

This website has information about these bases,…

Also,  search on this site:

after the pole shift maps


marshall masters

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