Media News Blackout: Planet X Nibiru Debris Field Is Already Arriving

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Debris from the imminent close approach of Brown Dwarf Planet X Nibiru to our planet, accompanied by it’s moons,  is already entering the earth’s atmosphere, falling as huge meteors / asteroids on 4 different continents. Vidoes of these enormous streaking meteors which have lit up the sky as bright as daylight have been taken by stunned amateurs around the world, who have grappled with the implications.

This urgent breaking news and these amateur videos are being suppressed in the USA mainstream, as they presume that TV viewers seeing these events will  panic. It is my belief that suppressing these kinds of astronomy related warning signs deprives the world citizenry of the information they need to intelligently prepare for what is coming. Watch these videos, then decide. Would you rather know about this ahead of time, or be surprised by it all, and crushed to death with no prior warning?

Chase Hunter 02.08.2010


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  4. 2012 end of world

    You identify, people always enact comments when anything is predicted to prove in 2012, like “fairly that is if the world is still here.” You do achieve that the Mayans suggest the faction will finish on Dec. 21 (or 23rd)? So in all good chance if anything is accepted to encounter in 2012 there is only the slimmest feasibility that the everybody hand down take ended forward of it happens.
    ]mayan predicted
    [/url] – some truth about 2012

    • Day

      Did you build the site linked to in your comment?

      The story on it right here: … bears some [not all] resemblence to the story of the fall of Caligastia 200,000 years ago during the system wide Lucifer Rebellion where 37 planets in our developing system went with Lucifer and tried to secede from the government of Christ the Creator Son

      . Are you familiar with the Urantia Book? See

      then click “read” … then go to “The Lucifer Rebellion” title – read that first, then after that read “The planetary prince of Urantia” [celestial heavenly name for earth in the higher heavens ] then keep reading…..

      We are all getting closer and closer to understanding who and what the Nephilim are – and what they have done to ruin this world for 200,000 years. Zacharia Stitchin’s translations of the Sumerian texts are pretty far off – and they are not fully correct at all, but are a start.

      The Nephilim are named in various scriptures. “Nod” [i.e. the biblical “land of Nod” in Genesis] was one of the fallen Nephilim. That reference to “Nod” in Genesis proves the earliest Christian scriptures knew more than what we have to go on today. They were altered. I still love and study the Bible, read and study it, and it is the most profoundly powerful spiritual document I have ever sought to understand.

      Blessings. Stay in touch.



    • TheTonyD7

      I meant “what” to the 2/26 post. I’ve read some of the Urantia book, and know of the Lucifer rebellion. How do you know Mr. Sitchen’s work is so off? By the way, ALL of those Youtube links were taken down by user.

      • CK Hunter

        Umm. I’ll reply in two parts. About Sitchin, had he referenced the records in the Urantia Book, it would have helped him fine tune his dating, and it would have given him great insights into the activities that were taking place in the prehistoric mesopotamian basin during the rebellion. I trust the account of what took place from the Urantia Book more than I trust his account. Parts of Sitchin’s work just don’t vibrate right to me.

        Which youtube videos are you referring to? The ones showing the huge Nibiru debris fields falling, that look like enormous meteors? They were up last year. If youtube removed them, you know what that infers: more cover-up of the astronomy that proves Nibiru is real.

        Check out some of the videos on my other blog and see if they still show up on there:

        Thanks for your visit.


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  7. ces

    GOD says those who are last …..shall be first. the begining of revelation verse 3….blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy,and keep those things which are written in it, for the time is near.

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