Gaga Land & Matching Prose w/ Tote $44,999

My tastes in photography run along surrealist lines. Lady Gaga is the first pop star since David Bowie that has inspired me to collect images of her for the sheer pleasure of it. Alice Cooper did all this 40 years ago;  it’s not new, but it is fascinating nonetheless.

Gaga brings a new twist to the over-the-top visual motif, paling Cher to shame. Listening to her speak, one remarks upon her hubris, intelligence and calculated vulnerably soft stage presence when she is in the interview mode. But Lady Gaga is 99% business woman; 9999% pure modern art. There’s my review, case closed.

I’ll give her about a 5-6 year run before she bites it with booze, pills, meth, coke, whatever her flavor is. Micheal Jackson made it to age 50, quite remarkable. I predict Lady Gaga won’t live to be 30. But for a woman like her, that’s not a bad thing. So I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.

After all, isn’t it the quality of one’s life, not the quantity?

Going For Broke in Latex and Carnelian Ochre

It’s the peep show 24-7 life you’re a living icon

You give it your all,  live like a shooting star.

You ignite for the fans on cue, put a quarter in &

the pop star comes out.  She’s a can of Pepsi,

now she’s a Coke. Now she’s Lady Buddha,

now she goes for broke.

Patsy, John, Janis, Jimi, Micheal, James:

Marilyn knew that Lady Gaga spurts

the hard way, hurts all the long flight home

Celluloid grrls like her don’t live for a very

long time. Judy knew this too. Her baby

Liza carved her face up and stretched the

pain around like silly putty. Judy watches

from heaven, then frowns.  Yadl Agag is

Lady Gaga spelled backwards. You know,

the back wards, over there, way down the hall.

Then: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the

most outrageous one of all? You, torching

scorching, eyes all wet at the slightest

provocation, you flatter your way along.

Song retro fever blister,  she kissed a girl

take a number, now stand over there: Stop. Pose.

Launch that ship with a smack on the

hip Lady Gaga. Weep in your limosine alone.

You surely know that you won’t live long, yet

you won’t be forgotten  Mr. Andy Warhol knows.

He conjured you in his noonday soup it was 1962

back down the hall his mother was screaming

will you leave that girl alone.

Andy donned his jacket he strolled down the street

Things were a whole lot simpler back then.

Copyright Chase Hunter 01.21.2010

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