Vintage David Bowie Sound & Vision

Nearly 30 years before Lady Gaga wowed us with her living expression of pop art, worn, adorn, in song, and in lyrics, David Bowie was turning the world upside down with his androgyny, outrageous stage presence, his surreal sci-fi costumes, and eye popping musical theatrics. Here’s a brief tribute.

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  2. northman

    If you didn’t know all ready, Bowie is into occult and cabbala.. therefor wouldn’t listen to his records.. bet he is nwo-lizard ..all of the symbolism he uses in his covers and pictures..

    • CK Hunter

      He’s not an “nwo lizard” sir. He’s a rather surrealist british artist / musician who lived as a Tibetan monk for a season early on before he broke out as a musician, he also studied mime. I would just as soon that fundamentalists like you would not visit or comment on my blogs. Investigating spiritual belief systems is something many people do. Your comments sounded very ill informed and judgmental. God be the hudge of a man’s soul, not you. I have listened to his music off and on for 30 years, and my personal walk with God is just fine. There is nothing evil or satanic about David Bowie’s music or his lyrics, which I have also studied for years. Relax and calm down. Fear not.


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