Visuality999 Selects 2009 Video of the Year Award

This stunningly concise and intelligently narrated citizen journalist video put the History Channel to shame, with it’s detailed dissection of the back-engineeered alien technology from the remnants of  recovered UFO materials from the 1947 historic Roswell Crash.

It’s official! The American citizens are now collectively so much more well informed and articulate than their elected DC representatives on this and many other controversial subjects (such as global warming, which is caused by HAARP technology blasting holes into the ionosphere, not auto exhaust, duh!) that we may as well begin considering what to do with an irrelevent herd of snowy haired men and women in congress who must run the 100 yard dash about every 30 minutes to keep up with us.

Let it be so. Congress and the Senate now spend most of their time trying to hide their evil secret legislation, playing with DC hookers, taking expensive trips on jets to play golf in Scotland, dining out on the bank bailout money in Las Vegas and so forth, that it may finally be time to consider throwing out the full lot of GOP and DNC tax money parasites and begin electing the good common folk of America to go to DC and run the country.

We cannot possibly do worse than these shameful leeches on the American republic.

Three cheers for the brilliant young scientist who made this video and I hope the embarrassment never ends for the fools in Washington who continue to try to evade, avoid and hide from FULL DISCLOSURE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC OF THEIR HEINOUS 50 YEAR TRYST WITH ALIENS, ALIEN TECHNOLOGY AND THE GODLESS ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT NWO / ALIEN GLOBAL AGENDA.

Like many of us have been saying for a long time……..

“There is a special place in hell for the men and women who betrayed this nation and the world population when they made their evil little bargain with the devil, i.e. continuing to perpetrate the alien / ufo coverup for over 50 years. In the very end, they will pay and pay and pay. God will make sure of it.”

Here’s the link to this amazing  video: Download it to your HD for posterity:

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