Norway Spiral Coincides With Obama Peace Prize Reception: Is There A Connection?

The Norway Spiral coincides with Obama peace prize reception and Maitreya’s World Ad Campaign –

Is There A Connection Between The Selling of Maitreya to the World and Obama’s Presidency?

Update 02.10.10 By Chase Hunter
The emerging consensus among truth researchers and scientists who follow HAARP testing is that the

Norway spiral was a HAARP test. There is a Norway HAARP facility directly beneath the area where the Norway spiral

appeared. The Russians have denied that it ws a failed missile test. Richard Hoagland’s website at does an excellent investigate piece on the Norway Spiral that runs some 8-10


Also David Wilcock has confirmed the Norway Spiral was a planned HAARP Blue Beam activity.

Here are some links and videos:

<a href=””></a&gt;










<a href=””&gt;</a&gt;

Other Related Videos:


  1. pdiddy

    Ya know i just heard about project blue beam and i thought about the norway thing could be something like that as well.

    • CK Hunter

      Your instinct is correct. There is a huge HAARP (blue beam) installation right under the location on the ground where that bizarre spiraling beam manifested in Norway. Do a youtube search – there’s a video on there wth a scientist doing a tell all about it – search:
      norway spiral haarp blue beam


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  3. Jack

    This is an awesome website and I applaud you; you’ve really done your homework!
    But requiring a reader of a website such as this to leave their name and email is crazy. It also makes me just a bit suspicious. Asking is one thing, requiring is another.

    • CK Hunter

      Hi, and you are mistaken. Nowhere on this site do I ask people to leave their name and email. That’s only if they want to subscribe to the blog, and to get free posts delivered to their email and even then they can use an internet handle for a name and not their real name. Relax, I’m not the enemy! Thanks for your visit.


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