& down the internet rabbithole I go


I’m closing in on a real case of internet burnout already. Today is 8.31.2009. I have very good reasons to believe that America will soon look more like Nazi Germany than anything we could have ever imagined, even just a few years ago. I believe Barack Obama has had a taste of real powr and that he is going mad with it. I also believe he suffers from a dreadful clinical pathology from which there is no real treatment and no real cure.

The condition is known as narcissistic personality disorder. Obama exhibits numerous behaviors that just scream that his inner being is interlaced with NPD. We are in for a horrible, horrible ride here in these next four years. I fear there is no escape from the outrageous measures he will enact to protect and advance an ultra left wing liberal-beyond-all-defnitions political agenda that will destroy what is left of this country that George W. did not put through a meat grinder.

All the researching, writing, networking, blogging, and slogging in the world is not going to change the soul twisting “change” that Obama is about to put us through in America. My soul is senstive enough and clairvoyant enough to viscerally feel this one coming. We are losing our freedoms. And it is happening at a rate of speed that is almost impossible to comprehend.

This whole thing begs the question: Just exactly what was the written itinerary given to Barack Obama by the Bilderbergers? How quickly did they intend to finish the utter dismantling of what was left of the sovereignty, civility, and legal sanctity of the United States of America?

So look at me……..here I am – pretending to take a day off, and what am I doing? I’m writing about it again. My soul is in agony over what I sense coming. There seems to be no refuge anywhere, and no rest from the sense that I must try, at least try, to keep awakening other Americans to what I see coming. But today, my energy and will to do that is just gone. I feel empty.

What is the role of the man standing on the high hill who can see the great tsunami coming?

If he leaves the hilltop to warn the villagers, he may drown.

If he remains at his watch, to monitor the speed of it’s approach, the villagers will never know it is coming – and they will all drown.

So the man (in this case a woman) stands on the hill, and he screams. And screams. And screams. All the while knowing that few will hear his screaming, fewer still will listen, and that millions are soon to drown.

And today I am hoarse from screaming. Today I am tired, and I look ten years older than I did yesterday. I have spent so many nights being sick with worry, that I am now simply numb. I no longer feel too terribly much about anything.

I need to just go away. Whatever that feels like, or looks like, or however it gets played ou, I just need to go away. So today, in mindlesslessness, I am going away. Until further notice, I’m gone, here – but – gone away.

Chase Hunter 8.31.2009

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