2009: America Angry, Incredulous & Loud

The real pole shift took place in 2008, 2009. It was a global pole shift in higher spiritual consciousness.

The Zookeeper sounds off at alligatorfarm.wordpress.com

Copyright Alligatorfarm.wordpress.com 2009

America finally became angry enough to take action. Soccer moms became Tea Party planners and grassroots activists. Unemployed construction workers and laid off real estate agents learned to post homegrown video to YouTube that tells it like it ACTUALLY IS, regarding the self serving greedy criminal motivations of our own government leaders in legislating a so called bank bailout that handed out cash to their own NWO Illuminati network cronies in obscene amounts. Henry Paulson and his sidekick Bernanke ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, along with other Bush era boys’ club members Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Con-lady Rice, and all the other Bilderberg Club & CFR members who were at the helm in 2008 when this Wall Street  Meltdown public looting and crime spree took place in full open view of a shocked, outraged and disbelieving American public. The phrase of the year for 2008 was “mass incredulity.”

America is furious and it is a justified righteous indignation. It’s time to overturn the money changer’s tables in the temples of our national government, just like Jesus had to more than 2000 years ago.

We WILL take our government back and every unholy alliance in Washington D.C. will be revealed and overturned. And unless they force us, we will remain non-violent because it is what Jesus would do.

Um, excuse me, but they cannot put THE ENTIRE ADULT POPULATION of America into a FEMA Rex 84 detention camp to shut us up.

And as more Americans wake up to the enormity of the fraud that has been perpetrated upon us, we tell our neighbors and friends, we use the democratic platform of the web to spread the truth (and tens of thousands of us were certainly using it long before Czar Obama found out how to ue it), and then we begin to quietly implement the Divine Intervention that commenced on 11.11.2008. We are being used as tools by the Will of God as we surrender to His Will and wishes – to take back this country – we are gathered by HIm from all denominations, from no denomination, and from every walk of life.

That’s what this Alligator Farm is all about. Now pass me that length of rope, cuz I see some gators that need to be caught and put away in pens. Forever. Catch my drift?

~Chase Kyla Hunter 7.5.2009

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